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How do you think of senior high school students having IV drip for exam?

Photos of high school graduating senior students given intravenous drips in class has become viral on Sina Weibo. Within hours since it was uploaded yesterday morning, it had been shared by nearly a thousand Weibo users.

The original uploader, “CHImushroom”, is a senior student at a high school in Xiaogan, central China’s Hubei province. In the photo, the classroom is brightly lit up late in the evening. On each desk, piles of books take up much space. Wires are installed above desks for hanging IV-drip dispensing bottles. Another animated gif picture offers a panoramic view of the classroom with a teacher standing in the front giving a lecture. “CHImushroom” joked in her microblogging post on Weibo, “This teacher, faced with such an intimidating scene, how did you manage to stand firm and hold it?”

Selected comments from Sina Weibo:

@胡顺珍儿:This is what Chinese style of college entrance exam looks like…There is no way out…Can the country’s policy take into account the feelings of high school students???

@东团–第九年的思念:This is the inevitable result of the test-oriented rote and cram education. What else can they do? Who really likes to get a prick of needle every day?…I can only say that all gao kao examinees are warriors.

@香煎秋刀鱼:This must be a performance art show!

@火焰之端:Test-taking machines need to be recharged?

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1.  Support. Students are voluntary and it doesn't interfere with exam preparation.

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2.  Oppose. Too much pressure.

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3.  Hard to say.

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