Octogenarian starved to death after being abandoned by their children

Octogenarian starved to death after being abandoned by their children

20 years ago, who lives in the town of Linhai City, the former fong village springs Feng Feng Jiming economic law and the father passed away, leaving his mother a king Heying. Father during his lifetime, Fung Ka wife, two brothers with their children and Laofulaomu living together, life is pretty harmonious. But the world is not ending feast,Trimethylamine Hydrochloride the separation is only right and proper brother, his father died during the funeral, Fung Ka separation of the two brothers decided to also be handled things.

When they hired the relatives witness the separation of the specific issues negotiated and drafted contract. Stated three floors left to parents brother von economic law, mother lives in Prince Heying von economic Legalism, raising the cost of the old mother shared by the two brothers.Intraoral Camera

Wang Heying then just live with the eldest son, usually their own cooking, you can also take care of themselves. But did not last long and the elderly live together, great daughter began to have complaints. "Because my mother cooking is firewood, and von economic law wife too old lady cooking at home smoke too much, always with the old life difficult, in fact, excuses do not want his mother to live in their home," Wang Heying's second daughter, Feng Xian Hong memories angry memories from that period.

Feng Xian Hong and her husband was in the sea three factories Ridge, just empty unoccupied home, but to see the old mother at home with disappointment, she put the elderly receiving home to live. During this period, because the king Heying better health, so he helped two daughters cooking with children.Dental Loupes

"Considering my mother with children, and I do not want to discuss with my brothers to the mother's alimony, no matter how much money, fear of amicable. So many years actually, I support my mother." Feng Xian Xiang said, two brothers, because his mother what happened maintenance quarrel, almost cut off contact. In the second daughter of King Heying family living here for ten years, it has no problem down the middle.

Wang Heying likes to drink wine festival on the eve of 2008, Wang Heying hospital treatment for drink falls, loss of life after discharge from the basic self-care ability. Feng economic law, Feng Jiming, Feng Xian Mei, Feng Xian Hong four siblings then back together to discuss the mother's maintenance problems in the village cadres, under the coordination of the final decision: the mother of King Heying to nursing home placement, nursing home monthly 600 dollar cost of the brother and sister four shared responsibility, each take a quarter, if the mother did not want the king Heying live in nursing homes, live in the Feng Ji Legalism.Dental Curing Light

Brother Von economic law because of maintenance problems and other brothers and sisters have a deep conflict, have not usually walk around, so every time the alimony of $ 150 to the village cadres, village cadres and then transferred to their brothers and sisters.
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November 2009, von economic law to the mother to the village leaders to discuss the cost of the invoice in the nursing home failed, to stop this as an excuse to be out of that part of their maintenance.

At a time when the British King of Holland has been 86 years old, the disabled, incontinence, Which can not find nursing homes willing to accept. The poor old man was pushed to the middle of the four children to push, which lives in two months, then lived a few months, living a life full meal hunger and meal.

September 21, 2010 afternoon, the second son's wife Chen Chun Xian Feng Jiming Wang Heying will be back, but she did not bring back his old mother at home, but the old man on the village office downstairs, then no matter regardless of land left.
Village Square was the first secretary of duty made by the rich saw the old Feng was thrown downstairs, climbed to the village to go to sleep inside the toilet. "Too outrageous, how can you do to treat their old mother, utterly devoid of conscience!" So he arranged separately to the cadres in the village von economic law, Feng Jiming two brothers call, let them take over the old mother to go home to settle.

"I'm in the orange grove to fight drugs, too much rain do not go back, and so fine to come back." Feng Ji method to find a reason to turn down the village cadres. Feng Jiming is on the phone said the village cadres, he charged regardless of the British king, who control who love to go, sit classroom a big deal.

Elderly, and it was lost one night in the village, the villagers found dead the next day in the village opposite the old wall of the Association. Later, Zhejiang Province, according to pathology, autopsy Center test report: Wang Heying alive mainly in brown atrophy of myocardial, coronary atherosclerosis Class I, whose death may be related to heart and lung failure and hunger and other factors.
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After the incident, two brothers Fung Ka filial behavior by the local villagers scoffed. The Linhai City Procuratorate for prosecution, December 14, 2011, Linhai City Court held a public hearing von economic law, Feng Jiming two brothers suspected of the crime of abandonment of the case. Sentencing court did not spot.

It is reported that Prince Heying mother's body still preserved in the funeral, no burial. If the old mother alive, because they certainly do not want to let the death of two sons behind bars. The sons and daughters, but then the mother did what? Raise children for old age, but this is the end result can not be said that the elderly king Heying sad, sad is our society.