Aquarius July Horoscope by Susan Miller Aquarius Forecast for July 2014

Aquarius July Horoscope by Susan Miller Aquarius Forecast for July 2014

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

Aquarius Forecast for July 2014

By Susan Miller

This will be a big month, when life will start to go at a faster pace and take on a glittering razzle-dazzle that you've not seen for a long time. In many ways, 2014 officially begins in July. The reason I say that is that during the first half of 2014, you were dealing with a series of retrograde planets - Venus (December 21, 2013 to January 31, 2014); Mercury (February 7 to February 28); Mars (March 1 to May 19), and just last month, Mercury went retrograde, (June 7 to July 1). When Mercury turns direct on July 1, there will be no more delays - all the planets will begin to behave themselves.

Retrograde planets always coax us to finish what we had started rather than to develop new ventures and relationships. That meant the first six months of 2014 had to be devoted to tying up loose ends and dealing with unfinished business of 2013. There was to be value in looking back, for all efforts require detail and tweaking, and in the first half of 2014, you had the time to polish things up to perfection. This emphasis on the past also extended to relationships. Rather than look to develop new ones, you were being urged to make more of the relationship you already in your life. That emphasis changes now, in July, for you will have the option to make new friends and contacts, begin new projects, and if single, to meet new romantic interests.

In the start of the month, you have a lovely emphasis on work projects. It appears you can get a new project that you enjoy quite a bit, and that will have room for your personal stamp of creativity. The new moon of June 26 was in Cancer and lit your sixth house of assignments. As you enter July, you will have two weeks to get organized and begin the one or two projects that came to you. If you have been out of work, you can now find freelance projects that pay generously. Be sure to look under every stone, for a sweet assignment with your name on it exists for you, and it will be up to you to find it.

If you want permanent work, you can find that too in July too, although unlike the time near the full moon last May 14, when you could have found a very responsible position of power that represented a big step up, July's planetary setup will emphasize a job similar to the one you've done before with similar status associated with it. This may be fine with you, as the work seems very interesting and will allow you to show your flair for creative thinking and problem solving.

The same new moon that occurred June 26, still very strong as you enter July, was to be one of the finest for improving your health and fitness. If you never took the chance to develop a healthy lifestyle program to improve your appearance earlier in the year, it's just as well - this will be a FAR better time to begin, in early July. You need not confine yourself to working out at the gym if you don't want to do that. Instead, you may learn a new sport or become more proficient in one you already enjoy. Because the new moon was in watery Cancer, water sports might appeal to you. Cancer also rules the stomach, so you may design a new sensible diet based on your individual digestive needs. Ask your doctor to order tests if you were wondering if you are lactose intolerant or have a wheat allergy, as two examples. A simple medical test can solve that mystery as well as others once and for all.

The full moon on Saturday, July 12, plus or minus four days, will fall in Capricorn 20 degrees and will find you in need of more privacy and rest. Don't plan a strenuous weekend then, and if you have a lot of social obligations, you may want to decline some of them to give yourself space on your agenda. That full moon would be an ideal time to do a little creative daydreaming to envision a better future. Too often we are so busy doing things that we fail to step back and ask, what, exactly, would I like to do next? Your intuition will be very strong at this time, so be sure to listen to that small voice within, even if you have no facts to back up what you instinctively know to be true. At the full moon period, you will know things, without ever knowing why you know certain truths.

The twelfth house is also a place of healing, so you may go in for a medical procedure. I have found all my hospital stays where I had an active twelfth house yielded great results, so if you need surgery or other procedure, you may feel it is the right time to schedule things near July 12. If you have done your research to find the right specialist, and you believe in your doctor, there would be no reason to put off things any longer. If you have been in rehab, you may now come to the end of your treatment, and your doctor may tell you that it is time to go home.

The twelfth house is strongly tied to the subconscious, so if you've been seeing a psychologist, you may have a breakthrough. In a different manifestation of this full moon, a secret may come out - yours, or that of someone close to you. Be careful if you have a secret that you would not want to become public at this time.

Romantically, beauty-and-love oriented Venus will be in Gemini, a superb place for you to host Venus, the planet of love. Venus will move through your house of true love and amp up your charms and charisma quite a bit so that others notice you. You will have Venus' help in Gemini until July 18, so in the first weeks of July, see about improving your appearance, and see if you need any new clothes for the next season (or scan designer clothes for the present season that night be on sale) - something is likely to look madly flattering on you and earn you many compliments.

No matter what your status - married, dating, or single - you will love having Venus in Gemini, a joy because your social life will become more fun and vibrant. For months, you've been working hard on your career, but now you will have reason to enjoy life more fully. Venus first entered Gemini on June 23 last month and will continue until July 18 - this is the first time in months that I have had news that your love life will be perking up noticeably!

Venus and Mars go together like cup and saucer, for when they are in communication with each other, these cosmic lovers create sparks of superb chemistry. These two lovers always want to be together, and although Venus and Mars won't be conjunct, they will be in highly compatible signs, Gemini and Libra, which means that Venus and Mars can flirt with one another until July 18. Venus will add just the right amount of spice to your love life, and because Mars is in your house of long-distance travel, you may get a chance to take an exciting vacation together.

Sunday, July 13, will bring a gorgeous exact aspect between Venus and Mars, so that weekend would be a fine time to plan a getaway and be away together.

Now we come to the sweetest news of all. Jupiter, the great benefic planet that brings heaps of gifts and luck as he travels from one house of the horoscope to another, will again be on the move. Jupiter will enter a new sign, Leo, on July 16 and settle into your house of marriage, commitment, and serious partnership for nearly thirteen months, until August 11, 2015. If you have been dating a current love seriously, then in the coming months (and especially in late July or August), you may get engaged or married.

If you are already married, you will find that your partner will do very well from now until August 2015, and that you both will benefit as a result of your partner's good fortune. Your partner will be very optimistic in coming months, and rightly so - the evidence will be there that he or she is on the right career track. It's also very likely you both will take at least one long trip overseas together in the coming twelve months, and probably more than one.

You have not hosted Jupiter in this part of your chart since mid-2002 to mid-2003, so it's been a long time since you've been the celestial favorite when it comes to marriage. If you're sure about your love, and know you both will wed, it would be wise to choose a date now, while Jupiter tours your marriage sector.

If you are single and not dating, this trend will help you meet more substantial types, and Jupiter may help you meet your one true love under this trend.

If you say that none of the above applies to you, then you can direct the beautiful vibrations of Jupiter to creating a successful business alliance. When Jupiter is near, there is always financial gain. You may start to work with a business partner, manager, agent, writing partner, publicist, new lawyer, or accountant, headhunter, real estate broker, or other collaborator. In this manifestation, it appears both of you would bring needed skills to the table that would dovetail perfectly. In coming months, you will do best working through a middleman or collaborator. You are used to flying solo, but you will soon see that you don't have to do everything yourself, and that others will have plenty to contribute to your life.

To welcome the esteemed dignitary Jupiter to Leo, on July 24, the Sun and Jupiter are scheduled to dine together, and this conjunction will create the luckiest day of the year, an annual event. This time, the Sun and Jupiter have decided to meet in your marriage / partnership sector, so if you want to couple up, that would be the day to propose or offer to make a business alliance official.

It's been twelve years since Jupiter and the Sun decided to meet in Leo, so this is clearly a wonder-day for you. You can now find happiness, profit, and inspiration from combining energies with another. You are an independent soul, and not one given to partnership, but this year appears to be different, for you see that no man is an island - together you can create much more than each of you could ever do alone. Use July 25 to make a big initiation - get your marriage license, draw up papers for a contract - you get the idea.

Remarkably, just two days later, the new moon July 26 will appear in the very same sign, Leo, and the very same part of your chart. A new moon works differently from a conjunction. A conjunction like that one I just discussed with you due on July 24 will represent a rare day with a plus or minus of one day, to use as you choose in matters of collaboration and partnership / marriage. Readers in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand - you have one extra day, for the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter will take place July 25 for you. All collaborative ventures will glitter and glow on July 24, and if your birthday falls near January 23-24, you will have a double dip of luck.

A new moon, such as the one coming July 25, will open up nearly two weeks of energy, and in this case, that new moon will require you DO something to unlock your luck. All new moons are that way, but this one is so special because the magnificent moon will arrive conjunct the Sun and Jupiter! My goodness! This is the best new moon of the year, and for you, it will encourage you to make a commitment - soon - in love or business. Think of a new moon as a beginning, or the opening of a portal of new energy, to direct as you see fit.

If your birthday falls on January 24, plus or minus four days, or you have Aquarius rising 4 degrees plus or minus four degrees, you will feel the effects of this new moon the most and benefit from it. The same will be true if you have a natal planet at 4 degrees, with the same plus or minus tolerance of five degrees, in Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra! The luckiest day of the year on July 24 will be close in degree, so you will benefit from that day too. This should be a standout month for you!

You seem to have it all, because when it comes to career, something else is happening at month's end. Mars will move into your honors, awards, and achievement tenth house sector on July 25 until September 13. Mars will bring your work to the attention to high level VIPs and help you get praise, publicity, and the possibility for more responsibility and power. If you recently took a new position in mid-May (very likely), then the move of Mars into your tenth house of career status may signal the time when the newspapers will write up your new role and interview you so that more people can know about your successes.

Concurrently, Saturn, the teacher planet, which has also been traveling through your fame, honors, and achievement sector since October 2012, has been testing your mettle and getting you ready for bigger and better career opportunities. Saturn has been in lethargic retrograde, but will turn direct on July 20. The fact that both Mars and Saturn are turning on floodlights in your professional area tells me you will see plenty of action, and gratifying progress, in your career, at long last. You will have more control than you've had in ages, and you can now set your agenda. You are now in a major leadership role, so don't hesitate. The door to more career successes is about to swing wide open, so walk through it, dear Aquarius, and clearly and confidently state your plans and wishes. You can be sure that the world, and all the right people, will be listening.


Often when we walk along a very long road, with no environmental change, or even any signs on the highway, we assume our journey is endless and not likely to change anytime soon. That's an illusion, and you will see the truth of this in July, everyone's favorite month of the year. First, an entire slew of planets have been retrograde since 2014 began, holding back everyone, including you. Mercury, ruling contracts, agreements, and all buying and selling, will go direct on July 1. Saturn, the planet of stability, responsibility, and power, will go direct on July 20, having been out of phase since March 2. If you have been looking for a new and exciting career position that is right for you, to no avail, this change of Saturn and Mercury should be a big help to your efforts.

Something else is about to radically and positively changing your picture. Mars has been in Libra since December, but will now move into Scorpio on July 25 to stay until September 12. As a result, your tenth house of career will light up brilliantly. As frustrating as 2014 might have been so far, you are looking at an entirely new set of circumstances. Soon, in the weeks prior to mid-September, you may get positive publicity, be asked to judge a contest or an important industry speech, or be offered a promotion or new position. If you already took a new position (very likely in mid-May), then the industry will hear about it now. By the eclipse of October 23, you may find yourself in a whole new professional setting. Use this energy to your advantage!

Also new this month will be the final tour of Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, of your sixth house of work and health, set to leave by July 17. You likely had superb projects to work on since June 2013, and no doubt if you gave them your all. Those projects will have a direct influence on how you are viewed now as you search for a new position. If you already have your new position, your experience on those recent projects since June 2013 will come in mighty handy now to help you create more successful programs and projects.

Also over the past year, Jupiter was in your sixth house to help you refine your health habits to become strong and healthy. If you had hoped to lose weight by relearning how to eat right, Jupiter will still be on call to help you accomplish the start of your new program until July 16. The new moon that appeared just days before the dawn of July, June 27, will help you on a wide variety of health matters. Make your routine appointments for screenings, and in regard to your exercise, choose a group fitness course. You may love to be outdoors, so in that case, you may get lessons on a new sport. In astrology, the date you begin your program is the date you plant the seed. Focus on all health and fitness matters in early July. It will be a far better time to begin than January, when it seems everyone else starts. If you did, you had no planetary backup - now is the time to begin.

When Jupiter moves to your opposite sign of Leo on July 16, you will enter nearly thirteen months that are considered perfect for marriage. If you are single and dating, by the time this trend is done, August 11, 2015 next year, you may be sporting an engagement ring or already married. If so, the coming months will be the considered the best time to commit your love in over a decade.

This month is special for marriage - on July 24, we will all have the best, most fortunate day of the year, thanks to the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter, an annual event. This year these two leaders of the solar system will meet in your marriage house, an ideal day to get engaged or married. Jupiter has not brightened this part of your chart since mid-2002 to mid-2003.

If July 24 does not work for you, only two days later, we have the new moon in the same area of your chart, July 26, spinning almost two weeks of great luck for the same purpose. When it comes to the "M" word, Aquarius is holding all aces. If you are already wed, you both will grow closer, and perhaps choose on a new life's goal, such as to buy a house or to have a baby. Jupiter brings all kinds of growth, all of it filled with loving goodness.

This same energy can be put forth to cement a business alliance this month. If you would like to hire an expert, like an agent, publicist, or lawyer, do so on the luckiest day of the decade for collaborations, July 24, or plant seeds for your coupling during the week that follows July 26.

Dear Aquarius, as you see, everything changes in July!

Dates to note: AQUARIUS

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions on any front, for these are great days for Aquarius: July 9, 13, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, and 31.

Mercury goes direct July 1 after having been retrograde since June 7.

Saturn goes direct July 20, after being retrograde since March 2.

Full moon on July 12 puts old matters to rest, especially the ones you have forgotten about.

Jupiter will be in Cancer during the first two weeks of July and is a superb place to get started on a new health or fitness regimen. If you have not had a check-up in a while, now would be a great time to get one scheduled. In addition to Mercury, Venus also moves into Cancer a few days later on July 18. This will help bring favorable results for any test or procedures you undergo.

Here is wonderful news for those seeking to expand or strengthen an existing romantic relationship. On July 16, Jupiter will enter into Leo and remain in your marriage and established partnership sector until next year, August 11, 2015.

Jupiter will conjoin the Sun on July 24, a divine day for love and commitment. If you want to propose, move in together, or get married, this is the day to do it.

Next, the new moon in Leo, July 26, will allow you to open talks about merging energies with another person, in love or business. You will have two weeks to set your plan, with the best energy coming quickly after that new moon arrives.

You can make powerful moves with your career on July 25 onward when Mars moves into Scorpio and allows you to see top level VIPs. This is the best phase of Mars you've had in two years to go after professional interests. Mars will remain in your professional sector until September 13. If looking for a new position or angling for a promotion, make appointments with influential people in your industry during that phase.