Leo July Horoscope by Susan Miller Leo Horoscope for July 2014

Leo July Horoscope by Susan Miller Leo Horoscope for July 2014

Leo (July 23- August 22)

Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

Leo Horoscope for July 2014

By Susan Miller

Your time has come, dear Leo! You are standing in the wings, the orchestra has arrived and are tuning up, and very shortly - on July 16 - you will be the reigning king or queen of the zodiac when Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, enters Leo on that day. This once-in-twelve-year privilege is big news, and best of all, your reign as celestial favorite will last nearly thirteen months, until August 11, 2015. Jupiter takes twelve years to revolve around the Sun, so each sign gets one year of abundance from Jupiter while the other signs wait their turn to wear the crown.

During Jupiter's visit to Leo, you will be encouraged to think big, on a grand scale. This is your way of operating, so it fits perfectly with your natural instincts. Almost nothing will be impossible for you to achieve now, for you will have staunch support from very influential VIPs. If you have been concerned about your health, Jupiter is strongly associated with healing, so if you feel you'd like a second opinion or want to revisit your health concern with your doctor, make the appointment, for you may hear that a recent medical discovery might be able to help your condition.

Dreams you have had on hold that you hoped someday to work on can now be put into action. Romantically, if single, you will have some of the best prospects you've ever had for finding your one true love. Ancient astrologers always wrote that having Jupiter in your own sign brings all sorts of important people to your path, and among them may easily be the person you will want to spend the rest of your life with, as that person will be THAT special. If you are already married or in an established arrangement, you will have more fun together, and you may be planning a baby - the best year ever to expand your family.

You will be offered much, but the danger is that you may spread yourself too wide, in too many directions. Having your priorities set will help you make key decisions. Choose the opportunities with long-term potential, for you are starting a Jupiter cycle now, and the seeds you plant this year will pay dividends in terms of money and happiness for at least twelve years, until Jupiter has time to come back to Leo again in June 2026 to refresh the energy. Jupiter will reside in your first house, the most important house of the natal or solar chart.

Each month I point to certain areas of life that you might want to keep your eye on, and to make an action on, for the new moon, full moon, and the other aspects usually dictate where your attention should be drawn. However, when the first house is lit, as it is once each year at birthday time, you have choice - you can go in any direction you please, knowing that this month (and in many future months) you will have the full support of the universe behind you. I call the new moon of the birthday month a cosmic gift certificate, to do with as you please. Use it, dear Leo!

My mother - Little Mom - who taught me astrology, once said to me, "The more I study astrology, the more I realize the critical importance of the first house." That house reflects personality, and the individual's will and determination to achieve goals. It is the engine that drives the chart forward, and shows vitality, assertiveness, character, style, and desire.

All that person's most important life choices emanate from the first house, so it follows that the other houses of the horoscope are influenced by the first house and support the will of the individual reflected there. It is at the heart of the chart. This is where you will host the great benefic, the Santa Claus planet, Jupiter, from July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015, in your glorious year ahead.

The last time you saw a year like this, it spanned August 2002 to August 2003. That period was special, but Uranus was giving you a hard time in terms of a committed relationship or your health in 2002. For that reason, I feel this time around with Jupiter in Leo will be far better for you, for you will have far less interference from Uranus and most other planets.

Jupiter is bigger than any of the other planets put together, in a remarkable way. If you could put all the planets on your dining room table, most would be the size of a small tangerine or baby plum, and Pluto would be the size of a raspberry. However, Jupiter would be the size of a honeydew melon - bigger than all the other planets put together. The encyclopedia says Jupiter almost qualified as a sun in his own right, but lost out on a technicality. Astrologers know that Jupiter is the planet of great abundance, enormously good luck, and will always give you more of what you want - more than you ever thought possible. Jupiter is also associated with international travel, so it is likely you will travel overseas in coming months, to a city or region you've never been, and have an awe-inspiring experience.

Jupiter's job is to reward you, and to also to see to it that you broaden your scope, which is why international travel often accompanies these golden years. After this year is over, you may look back and say you used to think in small terms (which you used to assume were big scale dreams). Soon will see how much more encompassing your plans will become after Jupiter comes by for his visit. You will only get about eight such Jupiter years in a lifetime if you live to 96. Think of each of these years as a brilliant emerald that you will get to hold in the palm of your hand - this year will represent one of those shimmering emerald years.

If you have been reading my column, last year at about this time I wrote for you that July 15, 2014 would be the year you would come into your own. At the time, I urged you to think about what you would love to see happen next. Over the past year, I asked you to decide what to delete, and to decide what would come with you in your next decade. If you made space in your life, Jupiter will have more room in which to give you his goodies. Don't hang on to marginal people who burn your time or lower your self-esteem. If a relationship or job has been unhappy for a long time, it's time to leave it.

As a little graphic exercise, right now, look at your phone. If it were to ring right this minute, ideally, who would be calling and what would the person say to you? It will be so very important for you to know what you want to happen next in your life. Prioritize your wishes and choose to put your best efforts behind the dream or two that has the greatest potential for long-term happiness. You will be offered many opportunities so sweet, you may be tempted to take them all, but that would spread you too thin - have your wishes organized, and you will make this phase a big success. Jupiter will be strong until early December, at which time Jupiter will go retrograde, so you have an open road for quite a long time. Make each minute count!

To make sure you notice all that this phase holds for you, on Thursday, July 24, the Sun, your ruler, will meet with Jupiter to greet him in Leo, and together will create the luckiest day of the year (Leo 2 degrees). This is an annual event - or annual dinner between these two luminaries, if you will. Each year the Sun and Jupiter meet in a different sign, and this year, it's Leo. It's been twelve years since they've met in Leo to create this best of all days of 2014. A feeling of luxury, generosity of spirit and an emphasis on big ideas will fill the air.

The wonderful quality about Jupiter is that he not only brings the breakthrough you need, but the means to take full advantage of it. You may travel to Istanbul and get to see this great city, for example, and a boss or client may send you there, all expenses paid. You see what I mean. You can find literally hundreds of ways that Jupiter manifests his goodness, but my point is, he doesn't just dangle the opportunity in front of you - he makes sure you can take advantage of it too, without obstacles.

Does your birthday fall on July 24 or within five days of that date? Then it means your whole year will be showered with radiant luck, for the conjunction takes place at your solar return. (Literally a solar return means the return of the Sun to the place it occupied at your birth. This is very significant!) Or do you have a natal planet in Leo at 2 degrees or within five degrees of that degree? You, too, will benefit in a big way.

ALL Leo readers, regardless of which day their birthday falls on, however, will have reason to celebrate! Use July 24 for your biggest initiations - one where you could use the element of luck on your side because you are making a big stretch toward something you want dearly. You might present a business plan to a group of investors, or have a first date with someone you've wanted to meet, and a close friend made it happen. You may travel overseas on this day, or successfully defend your thesis. You may buy a beautiful house, or sell one, or meet with the bank or even the taxman, to present your case that you are a trustworthy person. Authority figures will smile on you. You might have a surgery on this day (actually a good time to do so) or have a key job interview. If you are self-employed, use this day to open the doors of your business.

If you want to marry, or get engaged, do so on the new moon I spoke about earlier, two days later, July 26. This will be the new moon in Leo, 4 degrees. That new moon will be conjunct Jupiter and bring happiness to you for a full year or more, very possibly forever. Again, you can choose any initiative you'd like to make, on any front. Only rarely do you get this kind of carte blanche from a caring universe.

A grand trine will appear in the sky on the day of the new moon - a golden triangle - linking Venus, Mars, and Neptune, and that is considered the most divinely harmonious aspect possible. You will be deeply inspired, and love will be in the air. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus, so where Venus sets off the spark of love, Neptune teaches that at the bottom of the sea of love is to care so deeply for your beloved that you would be willing to put your beloved first, even if it means sacrifice from you. That is mature love, and on this new moon, Venus will work flawlessly with Neptune, so the teachings of Neptune are easy to absorb. Mars will be part of this triangle too, linking a happy home and family to the mix.

Mars has been in Libra for months, since December 7, but will move into your house of home and family on July 25. This may give you some concern over a housing situation, or regarding an elderly parent in coming weeks, because Mars, in his own right, often likes to stir the pot. (This would happen after the golden triangle dissolves in August.) This emphasis will last only until September13. In Libra you may have been on the road, traveling quite a bit, but now Mars' emphasis will shift squarely to your home, other property, or family matters.

You seem to have had a complex housing or family matter to solve for some time, possibly as far back as October 2012 (or shortly thereafter). This emphasis won't be easily fixed, but now, with energetic Mars in this house, joining Saturn already there, you may find new options. The solar eclipse of October 23, a new moon, later this year will bring movement, so things won't remain deadlocked if you've been frustrated by a long-term situation that seems to have no answer - everything has an answer, dear Leo. In so many ways, life is about to change wildly for the better for you, and you will be in charge. That is enough to make any dear Leo roar loudly with delight.


Dear Leo, after this month is over, you will stand up a little straighter, hold your head a little higher, and feel much more confident, for on July 16, Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will enter Leo for the first time since August 1, 2002 to August 27, 2003. Each year, Jupiter chooses one sign to heap his considerable cornucopia of gifts upon, and this time, Jupiter will choose Leo, and you will begin your reign as the celestial favorite. Jupiter will bring you many new friends and acquaintances, and among those you meet, you may meet your one true love in coming months. Jupiter in one's own sign is an exceedingly rare aspect, and is considered the very best aspect to bring the meeting of a true love.

If you already are in love, you will grow closer and have more time together. It is very likely you'll take a long-distance trip together in coming months. Jupiter naturally rules your house of true love, so this shows that you will have a double dip of good fortune for matters of the heart and for conception of a baby. (If you have had problems, see a specialist this month.) Also, your health will likely become stronger, you'll be more optimistic, and you'll have opportunity to travel to at least one foreign city in the coming year.

Offers on many fronts will be offered to you, each one more dazzling than the one that came before. Your instinct may be to accept every opportunity that is offered to you, but you need to be selective so that you do not spread yourself too thin. The coming year will be about the quality of the actions you take, not the quantity of projects you amass. Your aim must be very precise, for you will not get aspects this special again for years. To make the most of your golden era of Jupiter in Leo, you must be very clear about what you'd like to accomplish in the coming months. Your star power is so strong now that you could light nations to your cause.

The luckiest day of the year will bring the Sun and Jupiter to Leo, July 24. What a golden day that will be! When you need the element of luck, that's your day to choose! Is your birthday on this day or does it fall near it? Then your whole year will be rinsed with dazzling luck, for it coincides with your "solar return," which means, literally, the Sun returns to the place it occupied at your birth, considered very significant in astrology. Suffice to say, you will be dripping with luck, at long last!

You will experience more good fortune after the new moon in Leo, July 26. A new moon opens a portal of energy, and this new moon in Leo will orbit close to Jupiter, making it extra special for you. This is your moment to lay the groundwork for materializing your dearest dream. You will have ten days in which to sow your first seed. In astrology, it is not necessarily when you fulfill the goal, but when you start it that counts most.

You seem to have been traveling quite a bit over the past months, ever since Mars entered Libra on December 7. You may have had to see a client in a nearby town, or keep an eye on a close relative. Now Mars changes signs on July 25, and Mars will put a great deal of emphasis on a home or family matter that you've dealt with as far back as late October 2012. The question you are pondering appears to be one that will take time to sort out. Be patient and keep searching for answers, for you are favored and can find options. It looks as though by late October or November you will have the answer.

Dates to Note: LEO

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions on any front for Leo: July 9, 13, 17, 21, 22, 24, 26, 27, and 31.

Mercury goes direct July 1 after having been retrograde since June 7.

Saturn goes direct July 20, after being retrograde since March 2.

The full moon in Capricorn, July 12, will spotlight a health concern, so stay on top of it. Also if you are waiting to hear about any tests or diagnosis from your doctor, you will find out in the days surrounding the full moon. Also at this time, you will also see a work-related project reach an end.

Jupiter will move into Leo on July 16 for the first time in a decade, and will help you expand and grow in happiness in all phases of life, from love to business, travel to health - you will love the activities and opportunities in the coming nearly thirteen months. Jupiter will remain in Leo until August 11, 2015. It has not been in Leo since mid-2002 to mid-2003.

Your luckiest day of the year will be July 24, when the Sun will conjoin Jupiter in Leo. It is a great day to make any new announcement of a business idea, artwork, piece of music, or any creative pursuit you want to reach a wider audience. It's also a time to sign papers or meet the romantic person meant for you - go out and circulate.

July 26 brings a wonderful boost to your confidence level. You can make a memorable impression on VIPs you need to impress. Use this new moon to launch any project or endeavor dearly important to you.