Cancer July Horoscope by Susan Miller Cancer Forecast for July 2014

Cancer July Horoscope by Susan Miller Cancer Forecast for July 2014

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

Cancer Forecast for July 2014

By Susan Miller

Interesting things are afoot in July, and you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of the major planetary shift that is about to take place in late July. If you have feared that 2014 would be a washout for you because you found it hard to make progress, you will be glad to hear that the conditions will change substantially now. In many ways, 2014 officially begins now, in July. Better progress is on the way, dear Cancer. You have by now come though the hardest part of the year - the rewards to you are about to flow!

Part of the reason I say that the year never took off on New Year's Day is that first, April and May were difficult, for you experienced a monster full moon eclipse on April 15, which may have drawn your attention to a home, property, or family situation, most likely involving your mother or a career situation. Then more news, involving a friend, may have come up near the solar eclipse, April 28, and in mid-May at the full moon, May 14. Throughout, you had to remain realistic and practical, and try to keep your emotions out of the equation, which is never easy, and especially not for a compassionate, sensitive Cancer.

On top of this, retrograde planets all year so far has made progress difficult for everyone. Venus, which rules Cancer's home and family sector, went retrograde from December 21, 2013 to January 31, 2014. You may have made progress, but doing so must have been like drilling though a concrete wall. Then Mercury went retrograde from February 6 thru February 28, and you had to wait to sign contracts, and also to not buy anything expensive, such as a flat screen TV, a new computer, or car. After that, assertive Mars went retrograde, and Mars is the natural ruler of Cancer's solar tenth house of career and status, from March 1 to May 31. By this time you were ready to scream, but just as you were coming off the Mars retrograde, Mercury went retrograde June 7 but will turn direct this month, July 1.

This all made day-to-day progress difficult on just about every front, because the personal planets of Venus, Mercury, and Mars - planets that spin closest to earth - affect us very strongly on a day-to-day level when they are retrograde, much more so than the big outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) when they retrograde.

No planet, not a personal planet or an outer planet, bolts out of the gate in strong condition after turning direct, as each one takes a certain amount of time to regulate its orbit. At first, the planet is groggy and lethargic, as if needing a few cups of coffee. Venus is fully regulated by now, but Mars took from May 19 until now, in July, to come up to typical, energetic speed. Mercury will turn direct on July 1 but be in much stronger shape by July 16. If you can wait to sign papers and launch important projects until closer to July 16 (or the full moon, July 12, plus or minus four days), I would agree, it's better. While this rule of thumb of giving space to a planet after going direct is always true, it is doubly true for you now, for Mercury is heading back to Cancer, the place he went retrograde in the first place. (Mercury's now in Gemini.)

In every way, you are looking at an open road, for there will be no more retrograde personal planets until October 4 to 26, 2014, when Mercury will go out of phase again. October also holds two eclipses, a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries, October 8, and a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio, October 23. Compared to what you've come through, that'll be like a tiny sneeze. You might want to keep your October schedule open, for eclipses usually demand quick attention to the part of the chart the eclipse will be focused on, and for that reason, eclipses rapidly change agendas. I still maintain you will like the second half of the year much more than you did the first half.

As you enter July, birthday time, you are feeling happy. A new moon just occurred on June 26 in Cancer, and it was in perfect angle to transiting Neptune in Pisces, in your ninth house of international people and places, long-distance travel, immigration issues, academia, and publishing / broadcasting. All these areas sparkle for you now. A new moon at birthday time can be used in other ways too - any way you'd like to advance your life in a new direction. It will be important that you jump on goals quickly in the first half of July. A new moon brings ten days of energy, but with each passing day the energy of that full moon becomes progressively weaker.

If your birthday falls on June 26, your year will be filled with new goals and fresh inspiration. It's rare to have a new moon on your birthday (or within five days of your birthday), as it may take many years for this lovely coincidence to happen again. A new moon on your "solar return" ? which means literally "the return of the Sun to the place it occupied at your birth" - is considered very special. All new moons open doors of opportunities, and this one will bring you a whole year of lucky breaks, no matter what your age happens to be. Speaking of age, in an interview on CBS this week, Shimon Peres, retiring President of Israel, said, "You are as young as your dreams, not as old as your calendar." I love that quote! It's so true!

In the first week of July, there will be two troublesome days. The first is July 4, when Pluto will oppose the mighty Sun, and you may have a very aggressive person near you who can be considered a steady lover / spouse / business partner / agent / manager / collaborator - who will try to get you to conform to his or her way of thinking in a very pushy way. Then, on July 8, the Sun and Uranus will be at odds, and you may have problems with a VIP, someone at the very top of your company or in your industry. Avoid those days for major initiations, and if possible, keep a little space BEFORE the day happens, as the tough energy will be building in strength the day before.

Your close relationship will be the focus of the full moon, July 12. How things will go depends largely on how things have been going leading to this full moon, over the course of months. For many, this full moon will mark a time of joy - an engagement or wedding, or a time to make business collaboration official. In that latter sense, it may be that you will hire an agent, manager, or publicist, or sign a business partner.

This full moon seems powerful and strong, for it will be in good angle to Saturn (long-term gain) and Neptune (inspiration and creativity). If you met the person you are currently dating seriously during the past twelve months, you can credit Jupiter in Cancer for that, and chances are, this person is the one for you. When Jupiter pays a once-in-twelve-year visit to our sign, it often coincides with a fateful meeting of our one true love. You will have other chances to meet your soul mate, but it is true that Jupiter in Cancer was an amazing time to meet a new romantic interest.

If you are not happy with your relationship, you might open up and talk about what is troubling you together on the full moon, July 12, plus or minus four days. (If your partner has a concern instead of you, he/she may bring up the matter to you - be ready.) If you feel you are at the point beyond talking, you may decide now what to do, to stay or to break up, for full moons bring things to end points, where a decision is often made one way or the other. You will only get one full moon in your committed, serious relationship house this year, so this one will be it. Remember, this decision involving a partner may point to a business partnership or collaboration, not a romantic alliance, so don't worry needlessly about the state of your relationship with your significant other. As I said before, this could be a great time, when you get engaged or married!

If your birthday falls on July 12 or within five days of this date, July 12, you will be most affected by this full moon. It falls on your "solar return," a term I talked about earlier, and indicates that your coming year will bring many of your goals and events to fruition or conclusion. By next year at this time, you will need to draw up new goals, because so many of the goals you had drawn up previously have been already reached, and in some cases, you may feel you have outgrown them, and they no longer interest you.

Now, for the truly big news of July!

Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will leave Cancer on July 16 and move into Leo. This is the second phase of Jupiter, as you started a new Jupiter cycle last year in June 2013 when Jupiter went into Cancer. You have been the celestial favorite, for during those Jupiter years, you were likely very busy. You may not have been aware that you were in a highly potent period, where many of the seeds you were planting had a far better than usual chance of success. You will see this to be true now, for Jupiter is moving into your earned income sector on July 16, to stay for thirteen months until August 11, 2015. This is the time you are likely to see the financial rewards for all that you set in place during Jupiter in Cancer, June 2013 to July 13, 2014. In other words, this is a nearly sure sign your income is about to hit new heights.

Jupiter has not been in your income sector for years, not since August 2002 to August 2003. It's been a long time, so you may not even remember that period. No matter - this is one trend you will love. More money will give you options in life, and hopefully, if you have struggled financially due to the 2008 global economic downturn, you will see this coming period as a true turning point toward better days.

To be sure you notice this change, the luckiest day of the year, July 24, is on the way, when the mighty Sun, and ruler of your second house of salary and earned income, will meet on your behalf with Jupiter, both in Leo, to discuss ways to help your financial situation. Circle July 24 in red, and use this day for financial talks of any kind - you are likely to be looked at quite kindly by bankers, brokers, and all financial types. You might ask for a mortgage or bank loan, or meet with investors about venture capital. Even though these types of funds are ruled by the eighth house of other people's money directly across the wheel (180 degrees), energy often bounces from one house across to the other, bringing benefits to both. Make July 24 work for you!

Just two days later, on Saturday, July 26, we have a new moon in Leo 4 degrees, to bring in an entire new financial trend for you. You can now build a steady income if you are self-employed by generating new clients, or if you work for others, get a raise in salary. It is important that you quickly ask for that raise in the days that follow that new moon, for this will be the most vital moment of 2014 to increase your income! A new moon loses strength with each passing day following its appearance; so do have that financial talk soon!

Romantically, things are about to get more interesting too. Mars will finally leave Libra on July 25, a place it has been for months, since December 7. In Libra, Mars made you focus very intently on your home and family during those nearly eight months. Perhaps you have been overseeing the work of contractors, dealing with an estate sale, or were responsible for the ongoing care of an elderly parent or other relative, as a few examples. Cancer rules the home and family, so you would be sensitive to the needs of any person in your family. Now the pressure to manage everything going on at home base, or in regard to other property, will be alleviated and you will have time and energy to focus on other parts of life, including your romantic life.

If you are single, you still have Saturn in your fifth house of true love, and now Mars will enter the same house July 25 to September 18. Saturn can create obstacles, and he is not going anywhere until the end of the year, on December 23, 2014, when he will slip into Sagittarius and your house of work assignments. In the meantime, if single, you will meet those who are not yet available ("my divorce is coming" - something you may have heard before) or more believable, that the new person you just met lives in another city or works long hours like a medical resident might do. Or it may be your new love will travel overseas a great deal for work. Saturn won't squash your ability to find love, only set up obstacles to test your determination to get over those hurtles. Mars will add more energy to this house, so be optimistic!

On top of this, Venus will enter Cancer on July 18 until August 11, and amp up your charisma, making you very alluring to others. This would be the ideal phase to see about refreshing your appearance with a new hairstyle or look. (My male readers, pay attention to this, as you are included too). Cancers of either gender may want to choose new clothes as well. Life should be bright and breezy, and you may even get a chance to travel next month, in August, so all in all, things are looking up! If you are attached, you are included too - much more fun is in store, as you will have more time to spend together. Everyone wins in this made-for Cancer month!


Jupiter had crowned you, Cancer, the celestial favorite last June 2013, and ever since, you have ruled the zodiac as the most favored of all signs. You met many people in the past twelve months, and many of your new acquaintances and friends have played, and will continue to play, an important role in your future. In fact, among the many faces you met, you may have had an introduction to your one true love.

The period of mid-2013 to mid-2014 was to be a major phase for you, and you may not see just how pivotal it was for you until you have the benefit of hindsight, when you have time to reflect back on all that happened. You will still wear the crown for two more weeks, until July 16. To be sure those last two weeks are the best they can be, Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, has corralled the new moon in Cancer (July 26 and still strong in the first half of July) to ensure that you will still have a special, fertile time to plant more beginnings. Jupiter will not be back to Cancer until 2025, so while you have the great planet of good fortune in your corner, luck comes more easily - make the most of this!

Because the next gestation of Jupiter in Leo will be all about financial gain for you, it behooves you to quickly seed an idea during the first two weeks of July. All your financial gain in the coming year will relate to the projects that you presented from the end of June 2013 to mid-July 2014. That's why it's important to keep up efforts to take an important first step toward achieving a key goal. These dates are not casual - act in the first two weeks to increase your income by getting approvals.

Mercury was retrograde last month, but as of July 1 will turn to speedy direct orbit. If you put off signing a contract last month, you had the right idea. Do so in July, and if possible on the most fortunate day of the year, July 24. This day will glitter for financial gain, so schedule a presentation or an interview, or send in your manuscript for consideration. When it comes to money, on this day you will be golden! Go after other key moneymaking opportunities after the new moon in your earned income sector July 26. These sparkling days are rare and not to be repeated anytime soon!

More good news involves the move of Mars to water-sign Scorpio, a sign that blends beautifully with yours, on July 25, to stay until September 13. Mars has been in air-sign Libra, a tough place for you to host Mars, and this has been going on a long time, since December 7. In Libra, Mars has practically forced you to keep your mind focused on home and family. There are various ways this may have manifested, so you may have had to oversee the sale of a house or searched for a new home. Or you may have needed to oversee a contractor's renovation, or had the responsibility for caring for a parent, such as your mother. Now that phase ends, and you will notice a lessening of pressure on you.

Mars will move into your fifth house of true love from July 25 to September 13, making your love life lighter, sweeter, and more romantic, just in time for summer (in north hemisphere countries). To help things along further, Venus, planet of beauty and magnetism, will tour Cancer from July 18 to August 11. This is your signal to improve your looks by booking salon and spa treatments, and to choose new clothes for the coming season. After you have worked on your appearance, step out and find out what the world has to offer you - this will be your time, dear Cancer, to meet the one for you, or to grow closer to the one you already love. If you can travel to a foreign city or island this month, do - you'll have an amazing time, no matter which week you choose to go. No doubt about it, July changes everything for you - and it is all for the better!

Dates to Note: CANCER

Most important dates for love, meetings, or key actions on any front for Cancer: July 1, 2, 6, 7, 15, 16, 20, 24, 29, and 30.

Mercury goes direct July 1 after having been retrograde since June 7. Try to give some space between your initiations and July 1. Mercury will work up to his former speed by July 16. You need not wait quite so long, but I would say waiting until you get closer to the full moon July 12 would be wise.

Saturn goes direct July 20, after being retrograde since March 2. Saturn rules your committed relationships, so they should improve from July 20 onward.

The Sun will be at odds with Pluto on July 4 and may provoke a dispute with your partner. Choose your words carefully.

Uranus will taunt the Sun on July 8, a time not to ask for favors from VIPs. Things could go very wrong.

The full moon on July 12 will bring an important conclusion or culmination to a relationship matter.

Venus moves into Cancer on July 18 and will enhance your natural charisma and presence. It is an excellent time to pick up new additions to your new wardrobe or to change your look.

Saturn, which has been retrograde since March 2, will no longer hamper your efforts to find love if you are single and looking, starting July 20.

Jupiter brings income opportunities for you when it moves into Leo for a year, starting July 26. It is an excellent time to increase your earned income. July 22 through July 24, when the Sun joins Jupiter, will be the best time to look for new employment or ask for a raise.

If you cannot act on July 24-26 to get your raise or find other funds and fees, then use the new moon of July 26, which also will be stellar for your income.