Taurus Horoscope by Susan Miller Taurus Forecast for July 2014

Taurus Horoscope by Susan Miller Taurus Forecast for July 2014

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

Taurus Forecast for July 2014

By Susan Miller

Everything changes for the better in July, your favorite month of the year (with August coming in as a close second)! This year seems to have been a surprisingly uphill battle. A continual list of retrograde planets impeded your progress from the very start of the year, and you had to endure a major eclipse in your sign in April - and on top of that, teacher-taskmaster planet Saturn directly opposed your Sun. I will explain these challenges in some detail in your report, but only to show you that life is about to get enormously better from now on, dear Taurus. If order to see the good that is due, you need to review the hardships that you confronted over past months.

Saturn has been opposed to your Sun from his current position in Scorpio since October 2013, and that's considered a strenuous aspect - let's start with that one first. Saturn takes 29 years to revolve around the Sun, so it's been that long since you've experienced this particular aspect. Typically, Saturn remains in a sign for two to two-and-a-half years. Many readers are familiar (if only vaguely) with Saturn's visit TO the Sun when Saturn was in Taurus, and that aspect is not considered easy either, but Saturn opposed to the Sun, which you have now, I feel is harder to endure.

See if you can recall these years. You had Saturn ON your Sun in Taurus from February 28, 1999 until August 2000, and then Saturn moved into Gemini, but retrograded back into Taurus on October 31, 2000, and remained in Taurus until April 20, 2001. Usually when Saturn is on the Sun, you get to choose a big, new, very grownup challenge that stabilizes life. You may have become married, had a baby, started a business, or bought a house. You may have written a book, moved across country, or chose to go back to graduate school. The point is, when Saturn is on your Sun, you get to choose a big new-to-you initiative that will add structure and stability to your life. It is always something new to you. "Wow, the paperwork involved with buying a house is very involved!" you may have said in dismay - friends were likely on hand to help you navigate through it all. We often rely on the kindness of friends and family to supply the advice we need on any front we choose when Saturn is on your Sun.

When Saturn OPPOSES your Sun, something that is happening now, since October 5, 2012, the universe gets to choose your challenge, not you, and it tosses it to you. It is as if Saturn throws you a heavy medicine ball (the kind they use in gyms) to see if you can catch it, and watches how you cope after you do. You may have had difficulty with one important close romantic or business relationship, or you may have been experiencing challenges to your health. You can now compare the difference between what you are feeling now (since October 2012) and how life was for you back in 1999-2001. (The last time Saturn opposed your Sun, it was November 29, 1982 to November 16 1985, and that period may have some similarities to now.)

Keep in mind that when Saturn tours a sign, you don't necessarily feel Saturn the entire two-and-a-half years, but usually for only 10 months, when Saturn moves in range of the mathematical degrees of your Sun. If you were born in April, you are done with Saturn's strongest vibrations, and with each passing day, Saturn is moving farther and farther away. Taurus with birthdays that fall between May 7 and May 21 are currently dealing with Saturn directly in 2014, but much will be accomplished during this phase.

Saturn will toughen you up, make you super-realistic, and help you plan for your long-term future. Saturn in this position, opposed to your Sun, will isolate you at times, but that's only to show you that you are stronger than you ever assumed and can swim the English Channel fine by yourself without help, thank you. The feeling of isolation will end when Saturn leaves Scorpio on December 23, 2014, when it enters Sagittarius, so this year is your last tough one. While it is true that Saturn will re-enter Scorpio in the middle of year, from June 14, 2015 to September 17, 2015, that period will be easier one for you, for Saturn will be on his way out. This year, 2014, will be the last year of coping with Saturn's demands.

By testing the strength of your closest committed relationships, you will easily see who is on your side and who is working at cross-purposes to you in love or business. You can also decide which relationship is worth fighting for, and if you like, you can work to fix a troubled relationship if it is relevant and still holds great potential to you. In astrology, you are always in charge, as there is no fated predestination involved, only influences. I feel that occasionally the universe will test us from time to time to show each of us the depth of our commitment to an entire variety of elements in life - this year would focus on a close relationship, but at times the universe tests our determination and devotion to family, career, housing - even to our country.

It is alternatively possible that with Saturn opposed to your Sun, as you have now, that your partner is or has been going through a very rough patch, and you have been called on to help him or her. If the love is real, you jumped in without hesitation.

On top of Saturn's rather stringent influence, you also had to deal with eclipses in your sign and opposite sign of Scorpio. The most recent one came by last April 28, a solar new moon eclipse, suggesting that in your life, something was ending and something else was beginning. You may have had a health difficulty, or you may have felt your partner was not at all supportive. Or you may have faced critics or competitors that forced you to build a strategy to deflect their actions. This would have only been true if your birthday falls on or near April 28, or if you have a natal planet at 9 degrees Taurus or Scorpio.

Previous eclipses in this Taurus-Scorpio series include: a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio on November 13, 2012; a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25, 2013; a solar new moon eclipse November 3, 2013; and the one I just mentioned, May 28, 2014, a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus. An eclipse in Taurus or Scorpio would affect you equally strongly as both are on the same 180-degree axis. Eclipses are very powerful, and if your birthday falls on the eclipse or precisely opposite it, your life will change (or did change) in a very significant way in one area. Eclipses are non-negotiable, so it's necessary to accept news and move forward - there's no going back to earlier days when any eclipse comes calling.

There was a lesser complication, not as strenuous as Saturn opposed to your Sun and a series of eclipses in your sign and opposite sign of Scorpio. That is, the very long, drawn out tour of Mars in Libra that started on December 7 last year (2013) and has continued until now. Mars will finally leave Libra on July 25. Mars in Libra made you work very hard at the office, on a continual series of tasks. Life at home must have been pressure-filled too, with much to do, and so little time to get it all done. There was almost no letup, and to add another twist, Mars turned retrograde March 1 to May 19, making projects even harder to complete, as obstacles kept coming up. (This was especially true in April, near the April 15 and April 28 eclipses.)

As soon as Mars leaves Libra on July 25, your workflow will ease, and you will have more control over your schedule. Once in Scorpio, you will have time to decide about a close committed relationship, to stay or go, or to talk out any differences that may have come up between you. This new phase will last until September 13, the typical time Mars spends in a sign (six weeks), not the unusual eight months Mars has spent in Libra! Although Mars turned direct on May 19, it took our little groggy Mars to build up his steam. He needed his coffee, and needed to orient himself to being awake. At first he was moving very slowly forward (by mathematical degree), but by July, he will be really moving at his customary speed of light.

In coming weeks, you may enjoy spending more time with your romantic partner, or with people you collaborate closely with at work, such as your business partner, agent, manager, writing partner, and so forth. Should you discover things that you did not know about your partner's feelings toward you or find out his or her intentions that surprise and dismay you, knowing will be better than not knowing. Of course, all the news may be superb - and quite exciting! My point is, if it's not what you hoped to hear, you at least will have truth, and only with truth can we ever hope to progress in life.

Now let's turn to other things - some quite delicious! Travel will be very possible and likely during the early part of the month. I suggest you take the opportunity to leave town in the first half of July, for a lot of exciting things are due in the second half that will require you be home. The new moon in Cancer 6 degrees that fell on June 27 was superb - one of the best of all of 2014 - especially for you. If you were born on May 26, plus or minus five days, you received a double dip of pleasure.

That new moon may find you taking a short trip in early July to a beautiful location that is based within a day's drive of your home. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, was based in the same house as the new moon, possibly bringing you a beautiful setting near the ocean or lake (the moon in Cancer suggests water), and that gives you pampering accommodations. That new moon was truly stellar, and the energy it generated will still be strong in the first half of July, so I hope you can take full advantage.

The same house that the new moon in Cancer, your third house, rules short trips also rules communication, negotiation, and contracts, so as you enter July, you may be ready to sign papers. I would like you to wait until after July 9 because a several cosmic storms will be rolling through, especially on July 4 (Sun oppose to Pluto) and on July 8 (Sun square Uranus), so I would like you to keep space around those days when you sign. I know you had to wait through June to sign papers due to Mercury in retrograde at the time (Mercury turns direct July 1), so you may not think you can hold off signing any longer, but I think you can. Choose July 11, when the full moon will appear on Saturday, July 12. (More about that full moon in a second.)

You will also benefit in early month from the actions, advice, or introduction of your sister or brother, or a kind gesture your cousin makes on your behalf. Also glittering for you is the area of telecommunication and apps, so if you are planning to launch an app, do so mid-month. As you may have guessed, the third house is a busy house, with lots of fast energy. Participating a lot in social media would be a great idea now - if you already have an account, get active as you may make new friends and also business contacts. It's a great time to order your personal or business stationery (or have it designed for you), or to send out an advertising or publicity campaign. That new moon of July 27 will still be strong in the first half of July and help you quite a bit on these areas.

The full moon, July 12, will fall in Capricorn, 20 degrees, and your ninth house. You may be returning home from a long trip, possibly on the opposite coast of your country, or from overseas, that you may have taken a little earlier in the month. Full moons finish things up, so you are likely to be coming back to home base within four days of July 12. This same full moon may help you win a legal case (or make a fine settlement) in the courts, or you may hear good news from an institution of higher learning, such as a college or university. You may take an exam, or hear back that you aced the test with a great grade. If you need to defend your thesis, this would be an ideal time to do so, within four days of July 12.

The ninth house is considered a highly intellectual house, one that deals in ideas and international people and places. Ancient astrologers always considered travel to be stimulating and broadening. As an area of the chart focused on information and learning, the industries of broadcasting and publishing also come under the domain of the ninth house. You may get a stellar assignment, and for it, you may need to travel far to do it.

If your birthday falls on May 10, or within five days of this date, you will get a double dip of star power from this full moon, and you will see the good news that it brings in a very noticeable way! If you have a natal planet at 20 degrees or within five degrees of that degree, in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, or Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, you too will benefit. Yet all Taurus will have something to cheer about - this full moon is, for the most part, quite positive.

Now we turn to the truly monumental news of the month!

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will move into Leo on July 16, to fill your home and property sector with his golden light. From that day, July 16 until August 11, 2015 next year, a total of almost thirteen months, you will have outstanding luck with home, property, and all sorts of real estate plans and deals. If you have to move, whether you want to rent or buy, you will be able to find a space that makes you jump for joy - large and spacious, and one that is sunny, likely offers a view and contains lots of closets. Do not settle for anything less than the most divine space - you may have to look for a while, but it will be worth the effort you put in. If you want to rent a vacation home (or buy one), you will be in luck now, too, do so after July 16.

You can finally put in that beautiful new kitchen or bath that you've been hoping to renovate, make repairs (such to reupholster your couch), do a paint job of fresh pretty colors for your room, and a thorough cleaning, such as to send your rug out for shampooing. You may replace certain appliances and buy a sleek new stove or refrigerator. You may revamp the landscape of your property to a very stylish, fit-for-a-magazine arrangement (Taurus adores greenery), and you will love the results so much you may wonder why you didn't call in the landscapers in sooner.

If you are young, you may rent your very first apartment and have fun decorating it. No matter what your age, if you have a space that you live in now that you love, you may change the flow of the rooms by changing the placement of your furniture. Or you may find a way to put an extension on your home, or make an extra room by putting up a wall. Alternatively, you will always have the option of improving your home or other property by adding small touches and lots of fresh accessories, plants, and other items. You may even rent your space out to a production company making a movie for extra cash. If you have tried to sell a house to no avail, after Jupiter enters your fourth house of home, you will see much more demand for your property. In fact, you have a good chance of receiving a bid that is actually above your asking price. If you hoped to get a mortgage or refinanced mortgage plan, try after July 16. You get the idea - when it comes to home, property, and family, you will be golden, for this will be your best part of your chart for the coming nearly thirteen months.

Family support for your home-related goals will be very strong, and your mother or father may even help you with a loan or outright financial gift so that you can make a down payment on a house. If you are out of work and just out of school, you may move back home, joyfully, and your family will welcome you so that you are able save money. Other people connected with your home will also be fortunate for you. You may find an ideal roommate, or a decorator who has great ideas and helps you buy new furniture by sharing some of the discount she will get by being a professional. It's also possible this month that some of your favorite furniture, mattress set, tableware, or linens will be on sale, giving you a great deal that you can't pass up!

Now here is even bigger news! Jupiter wants to be sure you see this trend and benefit from it immediately. So?

Jupiter will meet with the Sun on July 24, creating the luckiest day of the year, and these two luminaries will meet in your fourth house of home. If you have any home-related plans or family-oriented initiatives, circle this day in gold and use it! You may get help out of the blue from a very influential person or see a breakthrough you never expected. Keep in mind, Jupiter rules expansion, luck, happiness - and miracles too.

Then, on the new moon that will arrive just two days later, July 26, you will have a chance to set in place these same wonderful home-related plans, and your luck will last for months. The actions you take in the ten days that follow this very lucky new moon of July 26 will have the power to bring you happiness all year, and your luck will be directly related to those actions you take now. Wow! While the whole year sparkles for your home and property area, I will admit, July and early August will be off the charts! Look at your options, dear Taurus!


If you are enthusiastic about writing a book or screenplay, or hope to become a columnist in a major consumer magazine, you must act quickly and send a treatment or query letter to a top editor or producer for TV. Jupiter will leave Cancer and your communications house on July 16, not to be back for more than a decade. The new moon of June 27 that appeared just days prior to the beginning of July can go far to help get you the attention you need to get your ideas respected, considered, and funded.

The first two weeks of July will also sparkle for travel and would be a superb time for you to plan a short getaway to a seaside resort that is fairly close to home. With the dazzling stars you have, your accommodations are likely to be quite regal, and the time away will be so heavenly, you may feel like you return as a better version of yourself. Jupiter will oversee your trip, so it would be a shame to miss this golden opportunity to pack and go, for you would enjoy yourself to the fullest. If you'd like to go farther away, the full moon July 12 will bring amazing benefits too. Try to travel now, for a new trend that is coming in in the second half of July will likely keep you closer to home.

That new trend involves the move of Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, to your areas of housing, property, home, and family. This part of your chart will represent the core of your happiness and luck in the coming nearly thirteen months, from July 16, 2014 to August 11, 2015. Your home-related dream now has an excellent chance of coming true. You may hope to buy a house or condo, or sell one, or take the space you have now and plan a full-scale renovation or redecorating project. You can choose to work on a grand scale, or alternatively make a series of small changes over time. No matter what you do, with Jupiter guarding that your home and property house, you will enjoy the results and want to invite friends over to see your flair for decorating.

Not only will you have good fortune with your physical home or property, but also you will enjoy unusual family support, especially from either your mother or father. If one of your parents has been ill, with research and references, you can find your parent superb medical help, for they will be favored under Jupiter's rays. Earlier in the month, your sis, brother, or cousin may help you in a very substantial way with tips or an introduction to someone influential that will help you with a communications project.

Circle your very luckiest day of the year in gold: July 24, excellent for any home, family, or property-related deals - the best in 12 years! If you need to close on a house, do so on July 24!

Just as lovely, with a longer period for progress, will be the new moon, July 26, and that will be your favorite of the year. In the days that follow that new moon, if you need to investigate your options regarding property, begin just after the new moon arrives. Look for new or vintage furniture; buy electronics (start in mid-month for best results now that Mercury is turning direct July 1 - give him a little time to regulate his orbit.) You can now also find a suitable roommate, decorator, architect, contractor, landscape artist, or anyone else to help you with your home.

If you are attached, your relationship will become a bigger focus from the moment Mars moves into your opposite sign of Scorpio, July 25 until September 13. If you are dating a partner seriously, you might decide how to bring about a commitment, on any level that you feel would be appropriate. If you are married, you may now focus much more on your partner, perhaps because your partner is creating a great deal of news in your life, or because you are having difficulty getting along. Venus in Cancer will work to create a smooth interaction, and if you travel to a pretty spot together in the first half of July, you will find you can more lovingly sort out questions that you may have away from your usual settlings.

Dates to Note: TAURUS

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions on any level, for Taurus: July 2, 6, 7, 11, 15, 16, 20, 24, 25, 29, and 30

Mercury goes direct July 1 after having been retrograde since June 7.

Saturn goes direct July 20, after being retrograde since March 2.

Hold off on any major travel plans over July 4. The Sun will disagree with Pluto and bring on a possible confrontation. This day is the Fourth of July, a big American holiday - if you live in the US, celebrate at home with friends and family and keep plans simple.

Venus goes into Cancer from July 18 to August 12, so you may be asked to do public speaking or be asked to dig into a different sort of communication project. Your words will have warmth, and you will find your popularity is on the rise.

The luckiest day of the year (for everyone, in different ways) will arrive on July 24 and bring you, dear Taurus, a wonderful chance to make improvements to your home or living situation.

After that, the new moon will arrive on July 26 and will bring two weeks of opportunity. Take the time to browse catalogs or visit showrooms to get ideas on how you can beautify your home. You can also make plans to improve the landscape of your home.

On July 25, Mars goes into Scorpio and will spark a move to bring an existing relationship to the next level. Mars will be in your house of long-term relationships until September 13.