Father let 6-yr-old daughter beg nakedly

Father let 6-yr-old daughter beg nakedly

A photo of a naked girl begging on a street in Nanjing went viral on the internet after it was posted on Sina Weibo on July 2.
A reporter from Modern Express visited the place where the girl was begging on July 4.
Besides the girl, kneels down a barebacked middle-aged man, who turns out to be the girl’s father.
When criticized by kindhearted citizens why he let such a young girl beg nakedly and asked by relief station worker whether they need some help, the father did not express his regret, saying that “She is my kid and I do not need any relief.”
A vendor surnamed Liu, who runs a fruit store nearby, expressed his anger towards the father.
“This is cruel. How can father let his own daughter beg nakedly,” Liu said.
A restaurant owner told the reporter that they have been here for nearly one week.
“We usually give the girl some food for she is so poor“said the owner, adding that “the girl smokes sometime which totally shocked us.”
Some citizens reported the case to the police. However, the police did nothing after checking the father’s ID card.
After talking with the father, the reported learnt that the man was 46 years old and came from Sihong, Jiangsu Province.
“I have no house in my hometown except 3 mu of land. I rent out the farmland for 1,000 a year. However, the money was not enough to afford our living. Therefore, my daughter and I came to Nanjing to beg,” the father said.
When asked whether he was willing to find a job, the father expressed his reluctance to work.
A professor with Nanjing University of Aeronautics And Astronautics suggested the police to intervene and help the young girl.


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