Former banker confirmed owning 9,666.6 ㎡house property in BJ

Former banker confirmed owning 9,666.6 ㎡house property in BJ

By Yu Runze, Sina English

Former deputy head of a bank in Shenmu County in northwest China’s Shaanxi province was found owning 42 properties of 9,666.6 square meters and an Audi car, confirmed Thursday afternoon by the police authorities.   

“Ten of the 42 properties, covering 1945.02 square meters, under the name of Gong Aiai were sealed up by Beijing police,” the statement reads.     

According to a previous report, China detained seven people, including four police officers from three provincial areas, for their roles in a scandal related to Gong Aiai who used multiple identities to buy properties.  

Dubbed the "house sister" by savvy netizens after the scam was uncovered, the woman turned out to be the owner of more than 20 apartments.  The arrested will be subject to a criminal investigation for alleged violations, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Public Security yesterday.

Police investigation found that Gong Ai'ai had at least two identities - Gong Ai'ai and Gong Xianxia - and several hukous, the Chinese household registration record.

Gong reportedly owns more than 20 properties worth about 1 billion yuan (US$159 million) in Beijing, some of which were purchased using fake identities.   

According to an earlier ministry statement, Gong first registered as a resident in Shenmu. Later she registered three identities respectively in two counties in the neighboring Shanxi Province and Beijing between 2004 and 2008.