Patriot missiles heading for Turkey

Patriot missiles heading for Turkey

A transport ship with two batteries of Patriot missiles from Dutch and German armories on board is heading towards the Turkish coast as part of an ongoing NATO operation to defend Turkey from what military chiefs in Brussels call a threat of missile attack from Syria.

The Netherlands, Germany and the United States are each sending two Patriot missile batteries and up to 400 troops to Turkey after Ankara asked for NATO's help to bolster security along its 900-km border with Syria.

Germany sends Patriot missiles to Turkey

Germany sent Patriot missiles to Turkey on Tuesday as part of NATO’s efforts to protect its ally against possible attacks from the territory of war-torn Syria.

German Patriot missiles will be deployed outside Kahramanmaraş, 100 kilometers from the Turkish-Syrian border.

A total of six Patriot batteries with a maximum range of about 100 kilometers will be deployed along Turkey’s border with Syria.

NATO confirms it deploys air defense systems in Turkey

NATO has officially confirmed that on Friday, it started to deploy the first batteries of the air defense systems Patriot in Turkey, near the border with Syria.

This information was published on the website of the US military command in Europe.

Several NATO servicemen and some parts of the equipment have already come to the military air base Incirlik in the Turkish province of Adana.

In late November, Turkey asked NATO to equip it with Patriot systems in order to defend itself from a possible air attack from Syria.

On December 4, NATO decided to satisfy this request.

In total, 6 Patriot systems will be deployed on the Turkish-Syrian border