Chinese Newsletter

I subcribed the newsletter one month ago, it is very intereting and helpful.
I also received one words per day ,for example:

开小差(kāi xiǎochāi) Be absent-minded
The character 开(kāi) means open; 小(xiǎo) means small or little and差(chāi) means errand or job.
他夜里没睡好, 白天上课时思想总开小差。
Tā yèlǐ méi shuì hǎo, báitiān shànɡkè shí sīxiǎnɡ zǒnɡ kāi xiǎochāi.
He can’t sleep well at night and is absent-minded in classes at daytime.

That is funny ,right? I can use it in daily life. I remembered I subcribe the daily words by sending email to

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