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Subject: SUPOR starts a new business undertaking--Stainless steel sanitary ware [Print This Page]

Author: Shirlin_Na    Time: 1-2-2013 13:01     Subject: SUPOR starts a new business undertaking--Stainless steel sanitary ware

Zengfu Su,  the chariman of the board of Supor Group Co., Ltd., who is 72 years old right now. After he made the decision of having strategic alliance with SEB group in 2007, then he strategicly transfered to stainless steel sanitary ware industry since 2008.
He invested USD 62 million and established three companies on this, such as Zhejiang Supor Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., Liaoning Supor Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., and Liaoning Supor Ceremic Industry Co., Ltd.,   With more than 20 years experience in the stainless steel industries (cooker) and more than 4 years in stainless steel sanitary ware R&D and manufacture. SUPOR brand faucets and other series products are with characteristics of elegant appearance, long service life and high-rust resistance.

Below is the breif introduction of CHINA SUPOR GROUP:

CHINA SUPOR GROUP(Supor Group Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1994. At present, the group has over 25 subsidiaries, and its industry relates to port logistics, sanitary ware, kitchen small appliances, pharmaceutical, real estate, finance and trade and other fields.  CHINA SUPOR GROUP ventures for 18 years, it strives for unremitting self-improvement, and grabs business opportunities, and achieves great success today.  Being OEM for others to run Supor brand at the very first, Supor now develops itself into a large group that has many industrial sections and many production categories.  CHINA SUPOR GROUP is not only an industrial corporation, but also an investment institution.  18 years, the Supor people stepped out a continuously improving and upgraded transformation road with their diligence and wisdom.
Zhejiang Supor Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is one of the wholly-owned subsidiaries of CHINA SUPOR GROUP, together with other two wholly-owned factories, specialized in design and manufacture stainless steel sanitary ware products.  As a well-known stainless steel sanitary Products manufacturer in Asia, CHINA SUPOR GROUP has two plants, which covers a land of 250,000 square meters.  CHINA SUPOR GROUP currently has 54 production lines, and the daily output of each line is about 2500 pieces faucets.
Aiming at the subject of “Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation and Healthiness”, and combining its own advantages with government policies and market trend, CHINA SUPOR GROUP makes great efforts to produce top-grade lead-free stainless steel sanitary products.  All products are with characteristics of elegant appearance, long service life and high rust resistance.  CHINA SUPOR GROUP not only applies strict Quality Management System, but also continually introducing advanced production equipments and facilities as well as processing technics.  In order to keep products refreshed and bring forth new ideas, CHINA SUPOR GROUP invites senior experts to co-innovate its product families.  All metal parts of all products employ materials of stainless steel which can meet international health standards, and all wading materials as well as accessories passed “Non-Toxic Certificate”, they are all zero harm to human body.
CHINA SUPOR GROUP is the first stainless steel faucet manufacturer in mainland CHINA that obtained the “Drinking Water Hygiene License”.   Now, its serial products have won a number of National Patents and have passed the “China Water-saving Certification” which issued by the China Quality Certification Center, the Water Mark certificate, the ACS certificate, the CE certificate and etc..  
With the powerful team-work and continually innovation spirit, CHINA SUPOR GROUP leads the industry new trend of stainless steel sanitary wares, and creates a new era of lead-free faucets.
Now CHINA SUPOR GROUP is marketing its products all around the world, companies and wholesalers and franchisers and shopping mall/supermarkets dealers are welcomed to contact with us in various modalities of cooperation.
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