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Subject: China on the road: Spring Festival travel [Print This Page]

Author: wow    Time: 1-2-2013 09:29     Subject: China on the road: Spring Festival travel

By Zhu Wenjia, Sina English

To have reunion dinner with their families on Chinese New Year's Eve, those who have worked or studied away from home scramble to leave for their hometowns by all means -- train, coach, airplane, ship, self-driving, motorcycles and even bicycles, making the largest annual human migration in the world.

Chinese Lunar New Year, or the Spring Festival, falls on Feb. 10 this year, making the holiday travel period spanning from Jan. 26 to March 6. A record 3.41 billion trips are expected to be made over this year's Lunar New Year travel rush.

People on the road towards hometown all wear a cheerful smile, whether being poor or rich, living happy or miserable. Travel back home on traditional Chinese New Year has already become Chinese people’s cultural belief that could dispel the loneliness, indistinct and anxiety of last year and render energy and courage to confront an uncharted new year.

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