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Subject: Ex-police chief reported to own 16 buildings [Print This Page]

Author: wow    Time: 24-1-2013 11:48     Subject: Ex-police chief reported to own 16 buildings

By Zhang Si, Sina English

Cheng Shaochun, ex-police chief of Licheng district, Jinan, capital of E Shangdong Province, was reported to possess 16 buildings (Hit! not apartments).  And he was nicknamed “Fangzuzong” or "Godfather of house hoarders" by netizens.

This massage was posted by Sina netizen @Xiaoshanjunzi. The explosive information immediately attracts the attention of thousands of netizens. Many call for an immediate investigation. Some even humorously suggest that Cheng should apply for the Guinness Book of World Records as most proud estate owner in the world, who is accidentally a so-called public servant.  

Even real estate moguls Pan Shiyi and Ren Zhiqiang couldn’t help ridiculing about it. Ren Zhiqiang posted a microblog saying:“Sir, you make a hard life for Pan Shiyi. ”  

A staff in Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau said that it was a rumor, but the Jinan Municipal Disciplinary Inspection Committee has yet to get in touch to give response so far.
Author: wow    Time: 24-1-2013 15:45

Jinan authorities: The rumored 16 buildings are actually police dormitories

Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau(PSB) today refuted the rumor that Cheng Shaochun, ex-police chief of Licheng district, owned 16 buildings in Jinan.

According to the Jinan PSB, the houses posted on the internet are actually police dormitories of Licheng district, not personally possessed by Cheng Shaochun.

The dormitories were built in Tianzhuang village, Ganggou towm, to solve the housing problem of the police in Licheng district.  And police members personally purchased the apartments in May, 2005.

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