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Subject: Chavez expected home in near future, brother [Print This Page]

Author: wow    Time: 22-1-2013 08:53     Subject: Chavez expected home in near future, brother

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may be expected to return to his home country in the near future, says his brother Argenis Chavez.

According to him, the exact date will depend on the decision of a team of physicians supervising the President’s medical condition.

Chavez has been receiving treatment in Havana since early December, when he underwent cancer surgery, after which he developed a pulmonary infection.
Author: wow    Time: 22-1-2013 13:37

Hugo Chavez feels better - minister

Venezuela’s ailing president Hugo Chavez is making taking decisions, making jookes and is generally feeling better, Foreign Minister Elias Jaua tweeted on Monday after meeting Chavez in a Havana hospital on Monday.

Hugo Chavez has been recuperating in the Cuban capital after his fourth cancer surgery there on December 11.

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