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Subject: Chinese Gaoxin-6, neck-and-neck with P-3C ? [Print This Page]

Author: wow    Time: 18-1-2013 15:29     Subject: Chinese Gaoxin-6, neck-and-neck with P-3C ?

AVIC Shaanxi Aircraft Industry (Group) Corporation (Shaanxi Aircraft) has developed a new four-engine turboprop anti-submarine aircraft, which is based on the previous Y-8 class transport aircraft. Some resources indicate that this project has a codename called as "Gaoxin-6", one of series C4ISR aircrafts based on Y-8 platform.

Gaoxin-6 is also dubbed by Chinese military enthusiasts as the home-made P-3C based on Y-8 Platform.

In unleashed images, a huge pod with black dome can be found on the aircraft nose and a long tail stinger used for the magnetic detection of submarines can also be seen.

Besides, the opened cabinet doors on the aircraft belly tell us this Chinese new anti-submarine aircraft also has internal weapon bay, similar to P-3 Orion. Each engine has 6 blades; the type of the engine is still unknown. However, a few Chinese military enthusiasts believes that the new aircraft is based on Y-9, a stretched version of the Shaanxi Y-8F with greater payload and range. So the engine maybe the Wojiang FWJ-6C turboprop.

Before this new submarine killer, China did not have large anti-submarine aircraft to counter the underwater fleets from, say, the United States. For a long time before the Gaoxin-6, China had been in poor condition in anti-submarine warfare, although PLA Navy maintained a huge number of conventional/nuclear submarines.

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