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Which CCTV internship anchor is your favorite?

Recently, CCTV News Channel has always been to show people with a serious, authoritative, at 3:00 AM on demand a “live news” program of continuous emergence of a number of internship announcer, they looks handsome, tender gesture, or college students.

The true identity of the original, the day appeared in 3:00 -5 points internship announcer “Communication University of China radio host Art Institute students. The reason they can get on the anchor units, mainly due to the cooperation of CCTV and the school of “practice teaching”.

Among the seven internship announcers, which one is your favorite?

Poll Options ( single choice ) Number of participants 7  

1.  Zhang Zhonglu

1 (14.29%)

2.  Wang Yinqi

1 (14.29%)

3.  Sun Weihang

0 (0.00%)

4.  Liu Yicheng

1 (14.29%)

5.  Wang Yan

1 (14.29%)

6.  Miao Kai

0 (0.00%)

7.  Hu Yuexin

3 (42.86%)