N.Korean media mentions Kim Jong-un's sister by name

N.Korean media mentions Kim Jong-un's sister by name

North Korea's state-run media have for the first time mentioned leader Kim Jong-un's younger sister Yeo-jong by name, suggesting she has established a position of some influence for herself in the corridors of power.

North Korean state TV on Sunday reported that Kim Jong-un visited a polling station at Kim Il-sung University for elections for the Supreme People's Assembly on Sunday, accompanied by military politburo chief Choe Ryong-hae, Workers Party deputy directors Kim Kyong-ok and Hwang Pyong-so, "and comrade Kim Yeo-jong."

The honorific "comrade" suggests Kim Yeo-jong has a rank above deputy director in the Workers Party. Some pundits speculate that she assumed a similar position to her aunt Kim Kyong-hui, who is a party secretary.

Kim Jong-un was a candidate for the Supreme People's Assembly.

via Chosun Ilbo


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