Liquid nitrogen may help to clean up Beijing smog

Liquid nitrogen may help to clean up Beijing smog

Scientists are researching whether pumping super-cold gas into Beijing's atmosphere can help reduce air pollution in the capital.

He Hui, a researcher at the government's Beijing Weather Modification Office, said liquid nitrogen, an industrial coolant nearly three times as cold as dry ice, was promising as an anti-smog agent though it was in the early stages of development.

The government-funded research involves pumping the gas from large tanks into the air as a fine mist at least 10 metres above ground.

Crystals form on the small particles of dust and other pollutants, which then fall to the ground. The belt of cooler air, less than 20 metres thick, also stops polluted air above reaching street level. The researchers said that during colder weather the belt, rich in vaporised liquid nitrogen, could remain hanging in the atmosphere for several hours.

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19-12-2013 10:22