Rodman Describes Kim Jong-un's '7-Star' Lifestyle

Rodman Describes Kim Jong-un's '7-Star' Lifestyle

Former NBA superstar Dennis Rodman has spoken to a tabloid newspaper about the luxury lifestyle he shared with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un during his visits.

Rodman's September visit to North Korea was his second since February.

Rodman said he spent seven days on Kim's private island, partying, jet skiing and horse riding and saw an array of big yachts there.

"It's like going to Hawaii or Ibiza, but he's the only one that lives there," Rodman told the Sun. "He likes people to be happy around him."

"He's got 50 to 60 around him all the time -- just normal people, drinking cocktails and laughing the whole time," he added.

"If you drink a bottle of tequila it's the best tequila," Rodman said. "Everything you want, he has the best."


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22-10-2013 15:02