81-year-old Model Rocks The Runway At Paris Fashion Week

81-year-old Model Rocks The Runway At Paris Fashion Week

The world's oldest working supermodel cut a striking figure at the St├ęphane Rolland show in Paris on Tuesday.

Carmen Dell'Orefice, 81, landed a Vogue cover at age 15 and has been modeling ever since, according to the Huffington Post.

Celebrities watching the show were apparently awestruck by Dell'Orefice, who dominated the runway in an elegant white suit and cape set off dramatically by her white hair.

Model Yasmin Le Bon "was the first to jump to her feet when [Dell'Orefice] closed the show, clad in a sweeping cream cape," Women's Wear Daily reports, and actress Paz Vega could apparently be overheard whispering, "Wow."

Dell'Orefice, who is from New York, says she takes a steady, relaxed approach to modeling and the fashion industry.

"I'm the least fashionista person in the world," she told Styleite's Julia Rubin last spring. "I'm part of this business because I enter a room like a silent actress, and listen to the photographer, the art director, the client."

She says she that when she works, her goal is "not to offend, of course. And not to stand out in a bad way, but not to be a wallflower. To keep a balance, and to not make a fool of myself at 80."

Dell'Orefice added in her interview with Styleite that it's harder for today's models to assert their individuality in photo shoots.

"Today is picture by committee," she said. "I think it has been watered down, the individuality. It's hard for these young girls to develop a real sense of self because the world conspires against the individual.