Teenager seriously hurt after QQ meeting ends in hotel leap

Teenager seriously hurt after QQ meeting ends in hotel leap

A TEENAGER ended up seriously injured after leaping from a hotel window when a man she met through an instant messaging service allegedly tried to sexually assault her.

The 15-year-old girl from Anhui Province, identified only as Ting Ting, is in hospital with fractures to her skull, pelvis and ankle.

Doctors say it will be least a year before she can even stand up again.

Ting Ting had traveled to Shanghai to meet a man she got chatting to on QQ, who claimed to be a university student.

However, he turned out to be a middle-aged car mechanic, and allegedly made unwanted advances to the girl in a hotel room, Shanghai Morning Post reported today.

Ting Ting said she enjoyed making friends on popular instant messaging service QQ.

On January 28, she received a random message from the man who claimed to be a college student in Shanghai.

She enjoyed their chats and accepted an invitation to go to Shanghai and meet him, so he could help with her studies.

However, when they met on February 19, she discovered her QQ friend was actually a 40-something car mechanic surnamed Xu.

He is said to have lured her into a hotel room and made sexual advances toward her.

Ting Ting rejected these and jumped out of the window during the fight that ensued, it is claimed.

The teenager said she is still traumatized by her ordeal.

"I have get headaches when I remember what happened on that day, and suffer nightmares," she added,

"Never believe others easily, especially people you meet on the Internet," she added.

Xu was held by police at the scene and placed in detention.