Ex-official revealed to have 41 properties

Ex-official revealed to have 41 properties

A woman dubbed the "house sister" has 41 properties in Beijing, almost double the number that earned her the nickname, police said yesterday.

Properties belonging to Gong Ai'ai, former deputy head of a bank in Shenmu County in Shaanxi Province, totaled 9,666.6 square meters, they said. She has gone missing.

Police have seized her Audi car and 10 of her properties because she bought them with a fake Beijing hukou, or residence permit, which was revoked last Thursday.

The properties include residential apartments, offices and garages.

Police have, as yet, been unable to track the woman down.

An initial investigation found Gong had at least two identities - Gong Ai'ai and Gong Xianxia - and four residence permits, one in Shenmu, one in Beijing and two in neighboring Shanxi Province between 2004 and 2008.

One of her Shanxi hukou was revoked in January last year and the other on January 19 this year, police found.

Seven people, including four police officers, have been detained for their involvement in the scandal, and will be subject to criminal investigations, according to officials at the Ministry of Public Security.